Having a radio is already outdated nowadays. Most people are already dependent on the internet. The purpose of this app is for users to still stream music with their favorite radio station. Through this application, user will be able to see a live video or hear audio on a radio station. Radio Stations will be able to manage there station through admin panel.


You can access all the informations about the radio stations registered under Manila Broadcasting Company

Live Streaming

Watch/Listen live radio stations.Comment/Like a radio station.Request a song.Share you favorite radio station via Facebook, Twitter or just by copying the link


Check the latest news added by the company


List of jockeys working under us with their social networking platforms.

Radio Stations

Find your radio station by preference.

Handle your Radio Station

See current listeners for your station. Jockeys will be able to reply listeners comments through admin panel. See all the song requests made by listeners on your station. Handle Jockeys working for your station.

This is a client project, so you won't find it on Play/App store.